Tuesday’s Headlines: Let’s Get to It Edition

Photo: Oonee
Photo: Oonee

We spent most of the day running around, and most of the night watching DOT present its plan for 34th Avenue, so let’s get right to the news:

  • Here’s evidence that every fatal car crash may not be the driver’s fault. (NYDN)
  • As we reported a few weeks ago, the MTA announced that it is bringing a tiny amount of secure bike parking to Grand Central Terminal (NYDN, amNY). Really, six parking spaces is about 1/50th of the immediate need.
  • The Civilian Complaint Review Board said 65 cops should be disciplined for misconduct during the George Floyd/Black Lives Matter rallies last year. (NYDN)
  • Mayor de Blasio said at his morning press avail that restaurants that aren’t using their Covid dining huts will have to give them up in favor of parking. (amNY)
  • Do the MTA’s new subway cars have the D.C. blues? (amNY)
  • The Parks Department isn’t only anti-cyclist — it’s anti-hawk, duck, squirrel and owl! (The City)
  • We were happy to see the Board of Health rightly declare racism a public health crisis. Now perhaps the Board and the city Department of Health can get off the Vision Zero bench and declare cars a public health crisis, too. (NY Post, Gothamist)
  • Early voting starts on Saturday (locations here), and Gothamist is the latest outlet to offer an Election Day guide (hint: there’s more on the ballot than just the vegan vs. the crazy cat man).
  • The MTA says that its $90-million bus command center is unusable because an outside contractor didn’t do the job — which means that the MTA is throwing its bus center contractor under the, um, bus. (Why didn’t the Post go with that as the lede? It’s tabloid gold, Jerry! Gold!)
  • See ya later, slave-owning oligarch! (NY Post, NY Times)
  • Car carnage in Queens (NY Post) and in Brooklyn (NY Post)
  • The Five Points neighborhood celebrated in mob movies finally got a city street sign. (6SqFt)
  • And, finally, did future Mayor Eric Adams say that cyclists have dirty laundry?