Thursday’s Headlines: Let’s Get Right To It Edition

We spent all day yesterday running around town writing down the license plate numbers of police officers’ personal cars (story to come!), so let’s get right to the news:

  • Like Streetsblog, amNY covered the Port Authority’s big reveal yesterday that it had dramatically broadened its thinking about getting travelers to and from LaGuardia Airport.
  • The hit-and-run driver who killed a Bronx pedestrian last month has been arrested, police said. (NYDN)
  • Mayor Adams needs a new taxi commissioner after Aloysee Heredia Jarmoszuk resigned due to a tirade against a staffer that was, happily for the Post, caught on tape.
  • Gotta hand it to wonder about the New York Times. The supposed paper of record ignores story after story after story on the streets beat, then waits a month before putting out a story that focuses on the tangential angle, such as Winnie Hu’s piece on Wednesday about the city’s plan to create 100 raised crosswalks, which is nice and all, but represent just 0.25 percent of the city’s 40,000 crosswalks. It took the de Blasio administration eight years to install 17 of the raised crosswalks, so let’s see how Adams does.
  • The Department of Transportation showed off a protected bike lane to connect the non-open street part of 34th Avenue in Queens to existing lanes on Broadway and Northern Boulevard. (DOT)
  • City Council members are not happy with Mayor Adams’s budget cuts. (Gothamist)
  • Jim Burke, the coordinator of the huge volunteer effort on the 34th Avenue open street, had an amNY op-ed arguing for better transit. But that’s nothing compared to Jose Martinez’s story that the MTA will give express bus riders more leg room. (The City)