Wednesday’s Headlines: Smoke Everywhere Edition

Manhattan’s smoke-filled skyline on Tuesday. Photo: David Meyer
Manhattan’s smoke-filled skyline on Tuesday. Photo: David Meyer

Our bike rides into work were beset by smoke blown in from Canadian wildfires on Tuesday, and forecasters told the New York Post that we’re in for a similarly ashen commute on Wednesday.

City and state officials have urged New Yorkers to stay indoors — warning that the bad air could cause shortness of breath, irritated eyes, or worse, Gothamist reported. Missing were calls for New Yorkers to drive less.

Transportation is a top source of greenhouse gas emissions on a good day, but local pols are apparently loathe to bite the bullet and suggest drivers consider alternatives — even when doing so has potential health benefits for everyone. Each additional car trip makes the air quality that much worse.

Many New Yorkers will choose to brave the smog-infested air on two wheels, including for work or because there isn’t an alternative; we salute them, even if their doctors do not. It’s a good thing we always carry a mask.

In other news:

  • A 26-year-old Queens man was held on $300,000 bail after killing one pedestrian, injuring four others near Gramercy Park on Sunday after a day of boozing in Manhattan. (NYDN, NY Post)
  • Pete Davidson has some regrets about buying that Staten Island Ferry boat. (ET Online)
  • An MTA bus driver was assaulted and doused in lighter fluid in Brooklyn. (CBS New York, ABC 7 NY, NBC New York)
  • All aboard the bike bus! (NY Times)
  • The NYPD is now even going after basic neighborhood traditions. (Hell Gate)
  • Nick Offerman, welcome to the war on cars. Literally. (The War on Cars)
  • Amtrak ridership is approaching pre-pandemic levels. (Reuters, CNN)
  • Another local new channel gets in on the Fordham Road fracas, which Dave Colon covered for us. (CBS New York)
  • More eyes on the MTA’s incursion into the debate over the future of MSG. (NYDN)
  • Check in on upcoming District Attorney primaries in Bronx and Queens. (The City)
  • “UWS parents” love themselves some housing crisis. (NY Post)


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