Wednesdays Headlines: The Hit-and-Runs Keep Coming Edition

Yesterday the cops arrested the hit-and-run driver who allegedly killed 59-year-old Milton Storch as he sat in front of a bodega on Saturday. The woman, 26-year-old Kiani Phoenix, who was reportedly trying to use her Honda sedan as a weapon to kill someone else when she hit Storch, ranted “incoherently” when she was taken into custody for a psychiatric evaluation, according to the Daily News. ABC7 also covered the arrest.

In other hit-and-run news, the Village Sun profiled the 44-year-old man, Gavin Lee, who was killed recently by a hit-and-run cyclist as Lee crossed Eighth Avenue in Chelsea. The cyclist remains at large, despite a blurry Crimestoppers photo of a guy with a yellow shirt and a man bun.

In yet another incident, a 25-year-old dirt biker took off after he crashed his vehicle into a rollerblader on the Rockaway Beach Boardwalk on Monday, ejecting his 26-year-old passenger, who hit his head and died. Cops are looking for him, too. (NYDN, NYPost)

Meanwhile, a Staten Island man who tried to escape after crashing his car into a parked car at the Jersey shore last year pleaded guilty to DWI and other charges. (SI Advance)

In other news:

  • Paging City Council Transportation Committee head Selvena Brooks-Powers! We know anecdotally that the NYPD doesn’t enforce the VTL, but a Friend of Streetsblog tweeted the proof in raw numbers. Hearing? (Via Twitter)

  • A Daily New op-ed argues that the state must mitigate any unintended emissions consequences of congestion pricing.
  • Where is Times Square? That’s at issue in a local gun-ban bill. (Gothamist)

  • Evoking Whitman, The Times writes a paean to the Brooklyn ferry.
  • Show your support for more bike infrastructure in Northeast Queens: Sign the petition.
  • The city finally is launching its taxi-medallion debt-relief program. (amNY, Crains)
  • City and State supports congestion pricing, with exemptions.
  • Finally, congratulations to New York Focus, for co-publishing its first article with us. (Via Twitter)