Monday’s Headlines: Deadly Road Rage on Camera Edition

File photo: Dave Colon
File photo: Dave Colon

It’s seldom that we get video this clear of a motorist intentionally using a car as a deadly weapon. But that is exactly what appears to have happened on Saturday, as a crazed Queens motorist killed a disabled man sitting in front of a bodega in Far Rockaway.

ABC7 published footage of the crash and the fight that preceded it. It shows the woman driver fighting with another gal, then pulling her Honda onto the sidewalk in an apparent effort to run down her antagonist. According to The Post, the driver may have been tangling with the other woman over a love interest. The News reported that police are searching for the driver, who fled. Whatever they were supposedly arguing about, Milton Storch, the 59-year-old victim, is dead as a result.

In other news from the weekend:

  • The New Jersey Turnpike Authority is conducting “a fear-mongering disinformation campaign,” pushing negative messages about congestion pricing out to drivers. (amNY)
  • Speaking of congestion pricing, Uber(!) is asking for a break on the tolls. (NYDN)
  • Eleven pedestrians, four cyclists, and 23 people riding motor vehicles died in July, the quickest pace for a month of road carnage since the start of Vision Zero in 2014, the Daily News reports.
  • The three motorists who fled after T-boning another driver in The Bronx last week, killing her, turned themselves in. (NBC)
  • The commander of Manhattan’s Fifth Precinct, who plowed into a cab earlier this month, may have been drunk during the crash. (NYDN). Streetsblog has documented the reckless driving of cops for years.
  • The Post accuses “anti-car” Manhattan Beep Mark Levine of hypocrisy on account of his parking tickets and other citations.
  • Sidewalk EV charging stations are proliferating. (amNY) CHECKPEDS sees that as a bad thing. (Via Twitter)

  • The cop who was fired for moonlighting as an unpaid bodyguard for convicted felon Roger Stone is suing the city, saying it infringed his first amendment rights. (Gothamist)
  • The Times led its coverage of the congestion-pricing hearings with the critics.
  • Yet another urbanist scores Gov. Hochul’s Penn Station plan poorly. (NYDN)
  • 32BJ, the property service workers union, is miffed about plans to limit the time buildings can set out trash bags. (Politico)
  • SEE IT: Woman needs trampoline to get into her monster truck. (Via Twitter)