Wednesday’s 4/20 Headlines: How About Them Mets Edition

Let's play two.
Let's play two.

Usually we get all long-winded and preachy in our headlines, but the Mets swept away the Giants like a dirty rug in yesterday’s twi-nighter, so we’ll just get right to business of recapping yesterday’s news:

  • The Daily News covered Transportation Alternatives’s recap of what a terribly bloody year it’s been. The News broke the embargo, but we abided. You can see our story here.
  • The Times was late to the party on the city’s decision to bring back twice-a-week street sweeping, but the story by Rubinsimmons had nice depth.
  • But the car-loving paper taketh and it giveth away, too. In the tech pages, the paper muses that artificial intelligence will make our roadways safer (why can’t we just do the basics, like redesigning roadways, pulling licenses from reckless drivers, and reducing driving?)
  • Just when the city was still reeling from an NYPD officer who killed a man in Brooklyn with his department van, a pedestrian in Bensonhurst was badly injured when a police driver struck him with an SUV. (NYDN, NY Post)
  • Meanwhile, a Sanitation truck driver injured a woman in Little Italy. (amNY)
  • Friend of Streetsblog Aaron Short did a nice job with this Grub Street story about the unassuming Brooklyn red sauce joint that has become the new power joint (well, now that Forlini’s and Queen are closed).
  • Masks are still required on transit! (NY Times) Gothamist played up the confusion following a federal judge’s ruling.
  • The MTA claims it got overtime under control. (amNY)
  • There’s a new effort to clean the area in neighborhoods that are being inundated with “last-mile” delivery warehouses, the City reports. The Assembly bill follows a Streetsblog story about a rise in pollution in the Bronx after the opening of a Fresh Direct site.