Friday’s Headlines: Updating You on Our Parking Madness First-Round Bouts

Here's why. File photo: Eve Kessler
Here's why. File photo: Eve Kessler

Our daily headlines continues to open with an update on our March (Parking) Madness competition (explained here).

First, to recap (see bracket):

parking madness 2021 NYPD round 1 third results

So we’ve updated the bracket above with those results. But it just goes to show you that every vote counts (well, except when the 110th is concerned!). So you definitely want to vote in these remaining first-round battles:

Please vote — and please fill the comment section with your take on how the NYPD acts with discourtesy, unprofessionalism and disrespect to all its neighbors (but especially in Elmhurst!)

And now, the real news:

  • The MTA has backed off its plan to stiff its workers on already-agreed-upon raises. (NYDN)
  • Scott Stringer tweeted a thread about a price hike on electric Citi Bikes — but no one in the vaunted New York City press corps picked up on it. If true, it’s a terrible development, given that electric bikes could be one of the keys to the city’s recovery (except the mayor steadfastly refuses to help subsidize the program).
  • In case you missed it, the NYPD is arresting people for marijuana possession in a blatantly racist manner (Gothamist). It’s jaywalking and riding on the sidewalk summonses all over again — except with much more serious repercussions.
  • Meanwhile, the Transit Workers Union President Tony Utano said he doesn’t want his kids to ride the subway — and even gives them Uber money. Sure, take an Uber — put a transit worker out of a job. (NY Post)
  • Friends, don’t let friends drive drunk (and kill their passenger). (NY Post)
  • The Times followed up on the New Yorker’s story last week about Javier Castillo Maradiaga, who was wrongly turned over to ICE and almost deported after he was arrested for jaywalking.
  • A Lower Manhattan community board said the neighborhood is not the right place for a city COVID-19 memorial. (WSJ) That’s right; it isn’t. A better place would be 34th Avenue in COVID-plagued Jackson Heights and Corona, where Mayor de Blasio created the city’s best open street. Making it a permanent linear park would be the perfect memorial to the thousands we’ve lost and a great symbol of our revival.
  • Wired took a deep dive on parking — and why it’s terrible for cities.
  • President Biden’s speech last night filled us with optimism for the future. But even if we all get vaccinated by the end of June, there’ll still be a lingering side-effect of COVID: op-eds like this in this Daily News op-ed by a self-described patriotic New Yorker who fled the city for Connecticut during the pandemic. What’s the cure for bitter feelings towards everyone who left?
  • And finally, we don’t like drones. But this drone-goes-bowling video really is an instant classic. (NY Times)