Friday’s Headlines: Day Baseball is a National Treasure Edition

Regrets — we’ve had a few. But none more than not biking out to Citi Field for yesterday’s Mets-Reds classic. Putting aside that the Amazin’s won — and even ignoring that Thor tossed a complete-game shutout and hit the game-winning home run — let’s remember that day baseball on a gorgeous 70-degree sunny day is, on some level, the only thing we have left. So let’s nurture this hothouse flower. Let’s mentor this struggling student. Let’s protect this endangered species. Let’s get tickets to that Yankees-Pods home game on May 29 or that Mets-Nats game on May 23.

Do it for your country, your game and, most important, your sanity.

Eric McClure clearly gets it:

And now the news:

  • The driver of a Skittles van killed a boy in Brooklyn (ABC7, Streetsblog, amNY). The Daily News story blamed the vehicle rather than the driver — until eventually getting around to identifying the perp. The Post went so far as to let the driver blame the 3-year-old kid and his mom in an interview — actually giving credibility to a completely incredible, self-serving witness. This is madness.
  • Summer of Hell, part II, at Penn Station. (NYDN)
  • Despite a slightly misleading headline — “Zee scooters: Paris is a cautionary tale for New York City” — the Daily News editorial board supports scooters. The key takeaway? “We should welcome the revolution, provided it’s orderly from the get-go.” We couldn’t agree more. Over to you, Gov. Cuomo!
  • We agree with The City: The MTA should create a free transfer between the 3 and L trains in Brownsville.
  • Gothamist combined two stories in one — first, the report prompted by Streetsblog’s question that NYPD Commissioner O’Neill finally put a bell on his bike and second, that the NYPD harassed cyclists before the “Race and Bake” ride last month because it assumed the participants would be unruly.
  • More countdown clocks coming to Staten Island intersections. Great, now we’re giving drivers yet another reason to speed. (Advance)
  • And, finally, a splendid time was had by all who attended “The War on Cars” co-star Sarah Buttermilk’s band Suffragette Kitty’s show at Arlene’s Grocery last night. Here’s a shot from the groupie angle:
Photo: Gersh Kuntzman
Photo: Gersh Kuntzman


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