Tuesday’s Headlines: Take That, Mr. Mayor

The moment real fans cherish. Photo: MLB
The moment real fans cherish. Photo: MLB

In a footnote to last week’s fake controversy over Mayor de Blasio’s support for baseball’s egregious Designated Hitter rule, it’s worth noting that in the Mets Opening Day game last night, pitcher Jacob deGrom got two hits, including an RBI single (which should have been enough to win the game, except the Mets leaky pen blew the game in the eighth).

DeGrom’s offensive output is worth noting because it shows how wrong Hizzoner was — in fact, he had cited deGrom as one of the reasons he now supports extending the American League’s Designated Hitter rule  (which bars pitchers from coming to bat) to the National League, where, for now, the game is played the way God and Alexander Cartwright intended it.

In any event, we’re sure the mayor will be asked about it at today’s press conference. Until then, here’s the news from a slow Monday:

  • The MTA is staffing up for congestion pricing! But, ugh, one of the positions listed is, ““Senior director, Back Office Services and Exemptions.” (NYDN)
  • In an amNY op-ed, Pat Foye breathed a sigh of relief.
  • Meanwhile, let’s use some of those Biden bucks to connect all the greenways. (The City)
  • From the assignment desk: Queens Borough President Donovan Richards will host a noon Zoom to tout his efforts to make community boards more representative of the neighborhoods they serve (register here).
  • The Times is continuing its “campaign lite” coverage of the mayor’s race. Meanwhile, Gothamist lampooned Andrew Yang for his Bitcoin obsession. And Dianne Morales’s team proclaimed her the “most bike-friendly candidate.”