Wednesday’s Headlines: Let’s Just Get to the News, OK Edition

It was hard enough for our Met-loving staff to watch the Yankees knock off the Guardians, but then to watch former Met Zach Wheeler spin a one-hit gem against the Padres (who eliminated the Mets with their own one-hit performance) was just too much.

So let’s just get to the news before we scream into our pillows:

  • First, a programming note: Transportation Alternatives’ “Vision Zero Cities” conference opens today and continues through Friday. It’s like Homecoming Weekend for the livable streets crowd, so click here for the schedule (and say hi if you see us at the fruit bar with Komanoff and Kaehny).
  • Hell Gate continued its tradition of publishing commentary from local animals (hey, they work for peanuts!) with Tuesday’s follow up by A. Rat on the garbage news.
  • We didn’t even realize that our old man editor once worked at Newsweek (“a cup of coffee,” he says now), but he was quoted all over the once-esteemed magazine’s generally good coverage of the plight of New York City delivery truck drivers this week.
  • Hey, NY Post, since when is Richard Davey “MTA president”? Well, when you’re obsessed with subway crime, we guess you can’t see anything else. (See screenshot below in case our late night text messages to various Post reporters got through to someone):
Davey is actually New York City Transit president (screenshotted in case they fix it).
Davey is actually New York City Transit president (screenshotted in case they fix it).
  • Hell Gate has added more kindling on the slowly building fire of Mayor Adams’s incompetence.
  • Well, Google Maps is good for one thing (besides routing car drivers through residential neighborhoods). (NY Post)
  • A man was critically hurt in a hit-and-run in Sheepshead Bay. (NYDN)
  • In addition to Streetsblog’s wall-to-wall coverage, amNY and Crain’s also gave some ink to TransAlt’s new equity data tool.
  • Crain’s gave some coverage to Mayor Adams’s “City of Yes” zoning proposal (we did the same last week).
  • The War on Cars has a new episode out, and co-host Doug Gordon’s promo tweet made us once again ponder why having safe streets free of killer cars, pollution and oppressive traffic is a block-by-block fight.