New Yorkers Taxed (Again) for Not Owning Cars


MetroCard machines aren’t the only place where the price of transit is going up. Reader Steven O’Neill points out that New Yorkers who sometimes rely on rental cars are now being hit with an additional five percent "bailout" tax, bringing the total tax for renting close to 20 percent. Says Steven:

This means that I, a very occasional driver who basically only ever
rents a car if I’m going somewhere outside of the city, am being forced
to pay exorbitant taxes so that daily car commuters can be allowed to
continue to drive into Manhattan for free. And it feels like a kick in
the teeth.

Eric Adams, I’m pissed off at you personally about this because you
are my Senator. If the Senate still exists by the next time you are up
for election, I plan to help give you the boot.

Bravo to Steven for channeling his frustration in the right direction. Any daily reporters out there care to talk to an informed MTA customer?