Regional Rail Working Group Monthly Meeting

Agenda items for Wednesday’s meeting will include an update on each of these key initiatives:

  • Thru-running at Penn Station
  • Upper Level Loop Alternative for LIRR East Side Access
  • Penn Station-Grand Central connection
  • Rockaway Cut-off – one-seat ride Midtown Manhattan-JFK Airport
  • Lower Manhattan Access
  • Regional Rail Freight plan
  • Intercity rail issues

Discussion will focus on thru-running technology and service planning issues at Penn Station and between Penn Station-Grand Central.

The purpose of the working group is to develop and advance plans for converting the region’s commuter rail lines into a regional rail system, with fast, frequent service and affordable, integrated fares. The group also considers changes to rapid transit and light rail transit that are "regional" in scale.

Regional Rail issues are discussed on the RRWG website.

The working Group includes:

Empire State Passengers Association
NJ Association of Railroad Passengers
Lackawanna Coalition
Five Towns Rural Transit, Inc.
Committee for Better Transit
Institute for Rational Urban Mobility