Regional Rail Working Group Meeting

Regional Rail Working Group
A Consortium of Transit Advocacy Organizations

A key topic for discussion will be a proposal by several New Jersey rail advocates to extend the #7 subway west under the Hudson River to New Jersey, to Secaucus Transfer. Also, discussion will continue on rail equipment options for thru-running at Penn Station.

Agenda items for the July 18, 2007, meeting will include a quick update on each of these key initiatives:

  • Through-running at Penn Station — special emphasis on rail technology issues
  • Upper Level Loop Alternative for LIRR East Side Access
  • Penn Station-Grand Central Connection
  • Rockaway Cut-off — one-seat ride Midtown Manhattan-JFK Airport
  • Lower Manhattan Access
  • Regional Rail Freight plan
  • Intercity rail issues

The key discussion item will be options for extending the #7 subway to New Jersey.