Exhibit Reception: Making the Connection: Moving Forward on Regional Rail

The Durst Organization presents …

Making the Connection
Moving Forward on Regional Rail

The Case for Regional Rail

Presented by the Institute for Rational Urban Mobility, Inc.

4 passenger railroads

Serving 3 states

Operating from 2 great stations

Can be forged into 1 regional rail network

Reception Featuring Special Guest Theodore W. Kheel, President, Nurture New York’s Nature, Inc.

With four railway systems serving three states and two Manhattan terminals, the NY-NJ-CT metropolitan region still lacks one comprehensive, interconnected rail network — a network that could simultaneously alleviate congestion on overcrowded roadways, stimulate the economy and foster more sensible development.

This exhibit of pictures, maps and renderings, prepared by transit advocates and professionals, propses connecting Grand Central Terminal with Penn Station and transforming commuter rail lines into a Regional Rail System that provides frequent service, integrated fares and thru-running at the two terminals.

This exhibit is sponsored by the Institue for Rational Urban Mobility, Inc. (IRUM), a New York City-based not-for-profit corporation concerned with advancing urban transport concepts that will reduce motor vehicle congestion in dense urban areas. IRUM hosts the Regional Rail Working Group (RRWG), an informal collaboration of transit advocates and professionals in the region who have guided the development of many of the concepts described in the exhibit. Key participants include the Empire State Passengers Association (ESPA), the New Jersey Association of Railroad Passengers (NJ-ARP) and the Lackawanna Coalition. The exhibit first appeared in Gallery 1 of the Municipal Art Society, September-November, 2006. Our thanks to The Durst Organization for providing gallery space, management and installation support and hosting the reception.

Special appreciation to the funders who made this exhibit possible: