Monday’s Headlines: Memorial Day Edition

We’re going to take today off to honor Memorial Day, sad as always, but especially so this year when 13 cyclists and three dozen pedestrians have been killed.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more news, but for now, don’t miss Doug Gordon’s 10th-anniversary coverage of Citi Bike today in Streetsblog. And speaking of which, Jon Orcutt had a mega thread about Citi Bike’s birth:

And the Daily News editorial board did the ultimate rowback: “Our fears, and the widespread fears of many others a decade ago, proved unfounded,” the paper said in its praiseworthy coverage of the 10th anniversary.

Meanwhile, to keep you sated while you’re hanging out at the beach or at a three-day hockey tournament where your team loses all four games, here are some headlines:

  • Such entitlement: So, apparently, morale in the NYPD is down because cops can’t keep breaking the law with tinted windows, covered plates or invalid registrations. (NY Post)
  • Defector took Mayor Adams to task for lying about being a skateboarder.
  • Remember that incident in Central Park when the crazy lady called cops on a Black birder? Well, three years later, and birder Christian Cooper has something to say. (NY Times)
  • Parents in Brooklyn want safer streets near schools. (WABC)
  • It’s time for a little criminal mischief … in Teheran! (Radio Free Europe)
  • We must stop subsidizing driving by subsidizing parking. (Planetizen)
  • Welcome to the war on cars, Lydia Polgreen: