Monday’s Headlines: The Citi Bike Decade Edition

Citi Bike turns 10 this weekend.
Citi Bike turns 10 this weekend.

Curbed was first out of the gate with the inevitable Citi Bike 10th anniversary stories, which will likely hit a crescendo over the next two weeks (the official silver anniversary will be the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend). The Curbed piece was an oral history, featuring the boosters who bucked what we’d all like to forget was the negative conventional wisdom back in 2013.

The good news? Citi Bike has turned out to be an unqualified success. The bad news? There is a qualification: We don’t know when or where the Lyft-owned company will expand next so that someday all of the city will be served by the Citi.

That was then.
That was then.

And what about then-candidate Eric Adams’s 2021 promise to put public money into this vital form of public transporation? It’s unclear if he’ll ever deliver on that.

In other news from a quiet weekend:

  • Sorry, but does a stadium surrounded by parking really energize a neighborhood? (NYDN)
  • The Daily News an amNY did explainers on congestion pricing. And amNY ran a Janno op-ed.
  • And speaking of congestion pricing, our friend Charles Komanoff is all over this analysis from Bloomberg.
  • We don’t really care where you live — just don’t expect to driving into the most congestion spot in the country for free (NY Post). Meanwhile, New Jersey is raising its own tolls, so there’s that, too (NY Post).
  • Is it just us, or are there more worthy charities to which to donate than Daniel Penny? (NYDN, NY Times) Oddly, former Gov. David Paterson doesn’t think so (NY Post).
  • The Times did a much-needed deep dive on how the city is mistreating vendors in Sunset Park.
  • How’s the air down there? Not good. (NY Post)
  • The Times was a bit late on its congestion pricing story on Friday; we had it last Tuesday.
  • And, finally, at least one member of Congress gets it. (Business Insider)