Friday’s Headlines: Opening Day in New York Edition

The Mets will finally celebrate their home opener today, and it’s a good time to revisit why New York baseball is so awesome.

Whether you root root root for the Yanks or the Amazin’s, check out how much better our stadia are compared to others around the league (by the only metric we care about: urbanity):

Here’s a chart that shows how many people live within walking distance of our city’s two ballparks. Yes, the Yanks lead the majors, but the Metsies are a close second.

Here’s what that 1.9-mile radius looks like in the real world:

Lots of people live near our stadia.
Lots of people live near our stadia.

And here’s what one of the worst walkable zones — in Kansas City — looks like:

So even if the Mets don’t triumph in the home opener today, as far as we’re concerned, they’ve already won.

In other news:

  • As we reported, drivers killed two pedestrians and a cyclist in New York City on Wednesday as Gov. Hochul and company continue to stall potential live-saving legislation in Albany. (Gothamist, NY Post, Daily News)
  • The Daily News broke news of DOT’s new micro-delivery hubs, which Streetsblog also covered.
  • Lyft is in free fall. Where does that leave bike-share? (Curbed)
  • The beach will be less fun this summer, but for a good reason. (Gothamist)
  • Bronx seniors are pissed over bus stop removed by MTA last summer (News12)
  • London proves if you build (good) transit, riders will follow. (TransportXtra)
  • NY1 dove into ongoing and recently settled MTA accessibility lawsuits.
  • Curbed covered Streetsblog’s Jesse Coburn’s three-part investigation into the temp tag black market, which, as a reminder, you can access in full here.
  • And finally, the MTA wants your feedback on a new wide-aisle turnstile design (CBS New York):