Thursday’s Headlines: Super Sidewalks Edition

You may have enjoyed Kevin Duggan’s coverage yesterday of the city’s new “super sidewalks” strategy, but this is one case when the movie version is even better. Check out this great Streetfilms video by Clarence Eckerson Jr., who had the benefit of something like 15-plus years of archival footage:

And don’t miss the clips of legendary pedestrian activist (and Streetsblog board member!) Christine Berthet as a aughts-era correspondent for the pre-Streetsblog “New York Streets Renaissance.” It’s must-see Streetfilms.

In other news:

  • A Bronx woman was killed by a motorcyclist on Pelham Parkway. (NYDN)
  • Only the finest outlets covered the mayor’s announcement of ambitious plans for a Harlem River Greenway. (amNY, Streetsblog)
  • We were a bit surprised to see vendors protest the city’s move to shift enforcement from the police department to the Sanitation Department, given that the DSNY is far more likely to be humane and unbiased than the NYPD. (Gothamist)
  • The Parks Department needs more green — and by that we mean money! (amNY)
  • The MTA is actually revamping stations, so quit your whining! (Unless, of course, your home station is on the J line in Lower Manhattan.) (amNY)
  • If the Audubon Society can do it, do you think we can finally rename stuff named for founding enslavers Washington, Madison and Jefferson? (NY Post, NY Times)
  • And, finally, our old man editor had a couple of beers and then caught an old friend on Bergen Street near the 78th Precinct station house. Enjoy:


Rodriguez Wants DOT to Remedy NYC’s Most Cramped Sidewalks

City Council transportation chair Ydanis Rodriguez wants DOT to address overcrowding on some of the city’s most cramped sidewalks. A bill introduced this week would require DOT to identify 10 locations with the heaviest pedestrian traffic volumes and “develop strategies for improving safety and traffic flow at such locations.” “In this city, most New Yorkers rely on public transportation […]

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Car Dealers Turn Northern Boulevard’s Sidewalks Into Vehicle Showrooms

As a matter of practice, car dealerships along Northern Boulevard, one of the most dangerous streets in Queens, illegally use its sidewalks and curb lanes as a showroom for vehicles. NYPD doesn’t enforce against the appropriation of sidewalks and won’t answer questions about it. Streetfilms’ Clarence Eckerson recently walked down Northern Boulevard in Jackson Heights and found cars […]

Here They Are: Meet Some of NYC’s Worst Sidewalk Hogs

We asked for photos of NYC’s worst sidewalk-hogging businesses, and readers responded. We relaxed our guidelines a little to make room for government agencies. In the arena of public institutions that show no respect for people on foot, the United States Postal Service and employees of Metro-North in Harlem deserve special recognition. Not surprisingly, car-related […]

What Big Snow Can Tell Us About Our Streets

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