Monday’s Headlines: January 2 is a Federal Holiday Edition

We’re officially taking the Jan. 2 holiday off, but we would be remiss if we didn’t give our loyal readers something to chew on.

First, we hope you’re already having a great new year. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t ring in 2023 with a final honor roll of our gracious readers who donated in the final push of our annual December fundraising drive (if you missed it, we’ll still accept donations here).

So thank you, Anne! Thank you, Michael! Thank you, Jeffrey! Thank you, Les! Thank you, Eric! Thank you, Colin! Thank you, Arkadiusz! Thank you, Geraldine! Thank you, Mark! Thank you, Sonny! Thank you, Joseph! Thank you, Tom! Thank you, Jared! Thank you, Matt! Thank you, Laura! Thank you, Andrew! Thank you, Jermaine! Thank you, Cody! Thank you, Dom! Thank you, Justin! Thank you, Ahl! Thank you, Jennifer! Thank you, Lauri! Thank you, James! (Wow, what a weekend.)

In other news you might have missed while the ball was preparing to drop:

  • Lots of outlets did the annual roundup of whether the mayor made good on his promises:
  • In addition, we offered some New Year’s resolutions for the mayor and governor.
  • The first homicide of the year was over a parking space. (NY Post)
  • A man was seriously injured by a hit-and-run driver on a dangerous roadway in Queens. (NYDN)
  • The Daily News had more details about the man who died in that bizarre crash on Vanderbilt Avenue in Brooklyn on Friday that we covered last week.
  • And while some people were toasting the new year, our old man editor was out committing as much criminal mischief as he could against drivers with defaced or covered plates. Here are some posts you might have missed:

First, as he shopped for New Year’s Eve treats, he spotted this perp with the Sanitation Dept. placard:

Then, after a few near-midnight drinks, he spotted another perp:

Then he fixed some guy’s bumper (and plate) covering:

And, finally, on New Year’s Day, he busted an Army vet with no integrity: