Tuesday’s Headlines: Snail’s Pace Edition

Slow news.
Slow news.

Looks like we weren’t the only newsroom without many clattering keys, as evidenced by the dearth of news in today’s digest.

Here we go:

  • TV was all over the Department of Transportation’s gallery show of its design manual (WPIX, NY1). We’ll weigh in at a later date — we got invited to the gallery opening about five hours before curtain … and didn’t have a thing to wear. (Roger Clark’s piece below is a good summary.)

  • The Daily News had more details about Lucas Aburto, who was killed by a speeding driver at Third Ave. and St. Marks Place on Sunday. He was a father of 12.
  • The MTA is back on track for an end-of-year opening to Grand Central Madison. (NY Post)
  • And the agency is about to spend some real cash on accessibility improvements. (Gothamist)
  • A reckless driver killed himself exiting the Manhattan Bridge. (NYDN)
  • Take that! Cops say they found the guy who pummeled the traffic agent. (NYDN)
  • And, finally, the Village Sun makes a fair point about the city’s Wild West streets, but its editorial wrongly demonizes “scooters” when its real issue is with illegal mopeds. Looks like someone needs to buy that newsroom a copy of our Field Guide to Micromobility [free download]!

So since there’s so little news from yesterday, you have no excuse not to read our great recent stories:

And it’s “Giving Tuesday,” so, um, hint, hint