Thursday’s Headlines: Moving on From the Election Edition

The news on Wednesday was dominated by election postmortems (and Gothamist’s great map of how your neighborhood voted this time versus the last gubernatorial election), so we’ll just get to our daily digest of the thin news beyond the polling place:

  • One of the founding member of The Friends of 34th Avenue Linear Park had a touching op-ed in the Daily News that (thanks!) linked to our seminal coverage.
  • A car stop in Brooklyn led to a police-involved shooting. (NY Post)
  • Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez indicted a Tesla driver for the speed-fueled crash that killed a passenger last year. The Post has the video. The Daily News didn’t.
  • Another driver who felt he didn’t need to pay tolls has been caught. We can’t wait ’til they bust the other scores of thousands of plate-defacing perps. (amNY)
  • A reckless driver killed a truck driver who had gotten out of his vehicle in Queens (NY Post). And another trucker was killed in a separate incident (NYDN).
  • Starting next month, don’t expect to use cash at a Port Authority toll. (amNY)