Monday’s Headlines: Labor Day Edition

A wide shot of the West Indian Day Parade in 2015.
The West Indian Day Parade (seen here in 2015) returns for the first time today since it was postponed in 2020. (Michael Appleton / NYC Mayor's Office)

Happy Labor Day! Even if most folks have the full weekend off, Streetsblog ever eyes the headlines (so you don’t have to). Here’s the news you might have missed in the last few days:

  • Hit-and-run SUV drivers aren’t taking the weekend off: One critically injured a man in Times Square Sunday morning. (NY Post)
  • Police on Friday were trying to negotiate the surrender of another hit-and-run driver who mowed down 5-year-old Jonathan Martinez on Thursday. (NYDN)
  • If you’ve been resisting getting OMNY on your phone, your time is up. The MTA is phasing out MetroCard machines by the end of 2023. (Curbed, CBS)
  • The Times considers what it calls the “final days of New York’s ‘Wild West’ outdoor dining scene.”
  • EV tires emit more pollution than regular ones, did you know? But there’s a machine to fix that. (Bloomberg)
  • The city is booting more cars of scofflaw motorists after a pandemic hiatus, but the Daily News doesn’t seem to like it. Too bad, we do! (NYDN)
  • Four city residents died when their van driver rolled the vehicle on the Palisades, allegedly because of a medical episode. (NY Post)
  • Paseo Park has new signs publicizing the moped ban, notes our friend Purple Clarence. (Via Twitter)

  • In related news, Paris began charging parking fees for motorcycles, so people are switching to e-bikes and mopeds, which remain free to park. (Euronews)
  • Why the Hells Kitchen subway station wasn’t built. (Our Town)
  • Steeplechase Pier is being eyed for the Coney Island Ferry route. (NYPost)
  • Here’s another good reason to take the train if you can. (NY Post)