Wednesday’s Headlines: Who’s a Good Boy Edition

He's a dog. He's a crossing guard. He's a crossing guard dog!
He's a dog. He's a crossing guard. He's a crossing guard dog!

Look, we don’t usually muscle into the Internet’s monopoly on animal videos, but then we met Kupata, the crossing guard dog of Batumi in the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

Just watch these two videos and ask yourself: are New York’s human crossing guards as vigilant (or have as inviting bellies?):

We sure wish someone would run into the street and bark at selfish drivers for us!

In other news:

  • What’s with Bloomberg? For the second time in as many weeks, the publication that bears the name of New York’s greatest mayoral champion of congestion pricing has pushed back with a windshield perspective on parking, this time whining that today’s car owners can certainly relate to fictional George Costanza of “Seinfeld” who (in classic fictional New Yorker style was always whining about parking). The outlet’s conclusion? “People really want their parking fixed. It’s a nightmare.” “Their” parking? Drivers, you’ve met the enemy — and it is yourselves; the single-biggest factor in the decrease in the number of available spaces is new car purchases.
  • Well, Council Member Vickie Paladino was right — the media was coming to follow up on her crazed confrontation with the pot-smoking “squatter.” (NY Post offered little, Hell Gate offered depth)
  • There’s a new plan for resiliency in Battery Park, which we covered back in April. (Crain’s)
  • Building owners are finally starting to comply with pollution rules now that fines have started kicking in. (NY Times)
  • Hat tip to Carlo Scissura for finally taking a bold stand and calling for a completely re-imagined Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, Robert Moses’s great mistake. (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Gov. Hochul signed some good traffic safety bills. (Crain’s)