Wednesday’s Headlines: Big Day in the City Edition

"Money doesn't trickle down. Monday always pools."
"Money doesn't trickle down. Monday always pools."

There’s a lot on the schedule today for the livable streets and anti-boondoggle crowd.

First, the state’s obscure Public Authorities Control Board is expected to do the “three-men-in-a-room” thing and rubber-stamp the Hochulomo real estate swindle known as the Penn Station renovation project today. Lots of papers previewed the vote (NY Post, amNY), but deeper analysis was penned by Dave Colon in Streetsblog and Nicole Gelinas in the Post.

Then, at 11 a.m. (if you believe the NYPD) or 2 p.m. (if you believe the Department of Transportation), the NYPD and the DOT will hold a presser at East Houston Street and First Avenue to raise more awareness for the fact that New York’s speed cameras will start spitting out tickets 24 hours a day, seven days a week starting on Monday, Aug. 1. Deputy Chief Michael Pilecki will join DOT Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez at the event.

In other news:

  • A woman on a Citi Bike was killed by a truck driver on an Upper East Side street that’s not a truck route. (Upper East Site, Patch). After the crash, Transportation Alternatives Executive Director Danny Harris issued a blistering statement slamming the city for failing to build “adequate crosstown protected bike lanes in this neighborhood,” adding, “The absence of safe biking infrastructure on the Upper East Side is deadly.”
  • Talk about bus bunching! (NY Post)
  • An off-duty NYPD officer got involved in an alleged road road incident in Long Island. (LI Press)
  • A motorcyclist died on the Clearview Expressway. (NYDN)
  • New Jersey wants YOU to buy an electric car … but no word on e-bikes. (Gothamist)
  • The Post editorial board still thinks crime is the only thing that matters in the subway.
  • Gothamist covered the subway cellphone deal, which that ultimate broken clock, Steve Cuozzo in the NY Post wisely came out against. But we hate to tell ol’ Steve, but he’s six years late — our old man did this same anti-phone shtick in 2016 when he was a hack at the Daily News:

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