Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Pedestrian on the Lower East Side

File photo: Dave Colon
File photo: Dave Colon

A hit-and-run driver struck and killed a pedestrian on Houston Street early on Thursday, cops said.

According to police, Andy Gil, 21, was crossing East Houston Street, from south to north, near Forsyth Street, at around 5 a.m. when the unidentified driver hit him, and fled.

Gil suffered severe body trauma and was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where he died.

The driver fled “in a westbound direction,” according to police, who remain on the case.

The crash is eerily reminiscent of the killing of delivery worker Borkot Ullah last near just a few blocks away. In that case, the speeding driver was being chased by police for earlier alleged recklessness. After striking Ullah, that driver also fled. He was eventually caught and charged.

This is a breaking story and we hope to update it soon.