Friday’s Headlines: Rain or Shine Edition

Wait til next week.
Wait til next week.

We were all excited to go to Council Member Justin Brannan’s big silent disco on the 69th Street pier tonight at 6 p.m., but we’re afraid that the rains will keep our Tony Manero suit in the closet for another week.

But you know what happens rain or shine? The Open Plans party on Thursday, June 16 on the airy roof of a Soho building. All your favorite Streetsbloggers will be there: Cuba! Colon! Coburn! Kuntzman! Kessler! And maybe an intern!

Click here for all the details. Tickets are going fast, so make sure you get one.

In other news from a not-so-busy Thursday:

  • The Times did another crime-focused look at the subway system, as if encouraging its readers to buy into the lawless hype of the tabloids. The story did have one redeeming feature: It reminded New Yorkers that the real threat is above ground: “While direct comparisons are challenging, far more people are killed on New York’s City’s streets than on the subway. Traffic deaths have soared in the city during the pandemic to 273 last year, the highest level in eight years,” the team of Emma Fitzsimmons, Ana Ley, Ashley Wong and Patrick McGeehan wrote.
  • Kevin Duggan at amNY crunched the numbers on the NYPD’s traffic stops and found possible evidence of racial bias.
  • Like Streetsblog, the Post covered the Council’s speed camera home rule message (but unlike Streetsblog, David Meyer failed to mention why school-zone safety is so critical, as our Jesse Coburn pointed out in his investigation this week).
  • So much for that ferry to Coney Island. (The City)
  • The Times reported on how former Trump EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt ordered his driver to drive recklessly — which is sort of a match for how Pruitt ran the EPA (ba-da-BING!).
  • The Post covered the fatal crash on Staten Island, but, oddly, blurred out the license plate of the killer’s white Jeep. Video obtained by the paper shows excessive recklessness by the driver, which is frequently a pattern.
  • Gothamist out-gridlocked Gridlock Sam with the Memorial Day travel forecast.
  • The Brooklyn Paper is upset at all the borough streets named for “jerks.”
  • How about that? Washington, D.C. is going to charge very high registration fees on very big cars. (Bloomberg)
  • Access-a-Ride customers are upset about the onerous eligibility assessment. (The City)