Thursday’s Headlines: Rally for the (Camera) Tally Edition

A speed camera. Photo: File
A speed camera. Photo: File

From the assignment desk: The place to be at 9 a.m. is with safe-streets advocates, Transportation Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez and elected officials — rallying in City Hall Park in support of the re-authorization of  the city’s life-saving speed cameras and the removal of time restrictions so that they can operate 24/7.

The City Council must vote on the measure so that Albany lawmakers can take it up and pass it by the Legislature’s June 2 deadline. Without action, the cameras will go dark on July 1.

As our Julianne Cuba chronicled, the speed-camera legislation has had a bumpy road in Albany but, hey, this is New York. We don’t do smooth.

In other news on a slow news day:

  • The working class has returned to the subway, even if the white collars have not. (NYDN)
  • Train Daddy II? NYC Transit honcho brings back a Byford program. (Gothamist)
  • What’s delaying congestion pricing? The Feds’ 425 technical questions, Streetsblog reported.
  • As we reported, the U.N. is giving a lifetime achievement award to the immortal Clarence Eckerson Jr. of Streetfilms. Pass Blue has more on that and World Bicycle Day, June 3.
  • When it comes to police reform, we live in Mayor Adams’s pro-cop world. (City & State, NY Post)
  • If that weren’t enough, SCOTUS seems poised to overturn our gun laws. (City & State)
  • Here’s something that will affect transportation in town when it happens — if it happens. (Politico)
  • New names appear on the MTA board. (NY Post)
  • Street vendor regs may get an update (Brooklyn Eagle)
  • The (usually small-government) Manhattan Institute wants higher liquor taxes in order to stanch DUI.
  • Curbed reviews Jody Rosen’s “Two Wheels Good: The History and Mystery of the Bicycle.”
  • Got bucks? The feds could help pay for a Coney Island ferry. (Shorefront News)
  • Finally, trust The Onion to find the bitter humor in, well, everything. (Via Twitter)