Tuesday’s Headlines: It Will Be a Busier Day Edition

Welcome to Albany.
Welcome to Albany.

We’re looking for big news today, what with our own Julianne Cuba heading up to Albany to cover Mayor Adams’s trip to lobby for an extension of speed cameras from a bunch of state legislators who, as Assembly Member Dick Gottfried told us earlier this week, are reluctant to expand the use of automated enforcement because they’re they ones who will likely get caught by them.

Speaking of speed cameras, The City is the latest outlet to point out how much more dangerous our roads are when the speed cameras go off. Our friend Charles Komanoff pointed out an even more interesting stat: There are more crashes and way less driving during those hours.

And Gotham Gazette ran an op-ed by Beth Finked (of AARP New York) and Danny Harris (of Transportation Alternatives) that centered on how many seniors will be saved from injury or death if speed cameras are extended to 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why is this so difficult? Well, Cuba better find out for us as she throws around the company credit card.

This is the story the News is promoting, but here's what it links to.
This is the story the News is promoting, but here’s what it links to.

In other news:

  • The Daily News still hasn’t figured out how to fix the broken link on its website that our old man was screaming about for like 24 hours, so we still can’t give you the paper’s “exclusive” story about the grieving husband whose wife was run down and killed by a Bronx driver on Saturday (the paper is still touting the story on its homepage, right, but it still links to a squib about the crash).
  • Does the president of Ford (OK, Ford Europe) actually get it? He’s telling his workers to bike or walk to work — and he’s saying things like the world would be a better place if more people gave up driving. Welcome to the war on cars, car guy. (Forbes)
  • Hat tip to Clayton Guse, David Meyer and Kevin Duggan for turning yesterday’s mundane announcement of a new flight of stairs at the Times Square subway station into a story about another egregious cost overrun (NYDN, NY Post, amNY). Meanwhile, the Times turned it in an arts story.
  • In case you missed it, London has a new subway/commuter line. (NY Times)
  • Our friend Joel Epstein did a nice Medium piece about the good news that’s coming from the Bronx. Scooters! Citi Bike! Once those protected bike lanes go in, we’ll finally have something.
  • Sure, you can read pretty much everyone’s coverage of the new Congressional districts drawn by a special master, but only the Hell Gate saw in one Manhattan district the vague outline of a penis and testicles. That’s reporting with guts.
  • Battery Park City will tear up some greenspace to make the entire neighborhood more resilient. (The City)