Tuesday’s Headlines: Final Four Edition

It's time for the Final Four! Click to enlarge.
It’s time for the Final Four! Click to enlarge.

It’s Final Four time!

Just like the NCAA’s version of our annual March (Parking) Madness contest, we’re reaching the climax of our month-long tournament. But unlike college basketball’s pinnacle event, we’re not searching for the best — we’re shining a spotlight on the worst.

Starting tomorrow, we’ll roll out our Western and Eastern regional finals, pitting the four most disrespectful precincts left standing (it would have started today, but weather played havoc with our plans). See the chart on the right to assess how far we’ve come, and click here to review the previous rounds.

The winner gets (and then promptly rejects) our coveted shunned trophy. So stay tuned!

In other news:

  • Speaking of cops, can we also all agree that police are not the right people and Mace is not the right tool to help the homeless? (NYDN) That said,  clear that Sanitation is not the right agency, either. (amNY, NY Times, Gothamist)
  • Kudos to Christopher Robbins for his great appearance on The Brian Lehrer Show to talk about his seminal “Trash Town” story last week on Streetsblog. Reminder to Brian: We have lots of great stories, every day. Call us!
  • A 6-year-old boy and a mom-aged woman were seriously hurt heading to school when a senior citizen drove his car onto a Harlem sidewalk. The driver was not immediately charged. (NYDN, NY Post)
  • The Daily News and amNY followed our headlines yesterday, reporting on the overnight and weekend service cuts on the R train, which will frustrate Bay Ridge residents until June.
  • Omicron was a real bummer for the MTA, which was starting to turn things around before the variant hit. (NY Post)
  • The Post followed the Daily News’s Sunday piece about President Biden’s $400-million allocation to the Second Avenue subway.
  • There was some unintentionally ironic framing in amNY’s coverage of climate activists arrested at Gov. Hochul’s office yesterday. The protest, reported Dean Moses, left drivers “fuming” over the traffic. Well, isn’t that the point?
  • The Bronx Times picked through some of the disciplinary charges against cops who acted improperly during the George Floyd protests.
  • Can we take the slave-owners’ names off more things — let’s start with everything named Jefferson. (The City)
  • Some LIRR improvements are delayed. (LIRR Today)