Wednesday’s Headlines: ‘Got Him’ Edition

The big story yesterday was the arrest on criminally negligent homicide and other charges of Tariq Witherspoon, the 30-year-old EMT who allegedly struck and killed beloved schoolteacher Matthew Jensen with a Rolls Royce in a hit-and-run crash last May on McGuinness Boulevard in Brooklyn.

The Daily News kept the focus on Jensen, offering encomia to the life of the deceased in a sidebar. Streetsblog’s account had rich details on the suspect’s priors and on the dangers of the street, a known speedway. Brooklyn Paper highlighted the charges.

In other news:

  • Outreach workers offered help to 100 individuals in the first day of the MTA’s crackdown on sleeping in the subway. (NYDN, Brooklyn Eagle)
  • Mayor Adams is “tech washing” the NYPD’s pervasive surveillance of citizens, a City Limits op-ed argues.
  • The MTA brought back a retired honcho to run the subway. (NYDN)
  • Following other outlets, the Times and amNY took a look at the NYPD on a subway “safety” sweep.
  • A DOT employee and a horse-drawn carriage collided in Central Park. (West Side Rag)
  • Here’s another reason to stay out of SUVs. (NYDN, NYPost)
  • A Brooklyn motorist is facing charges after killing his female passenger in a drunken East Flatbush crash. (NYDN)
  • Moms don’t want to fold kids’ strollers on the bus. (amNY)
  • ICYMI: The Department of Environmental Protection has a pilot program to ticket loud cars. (Road and Track)
  • In addition to the Witherspoon arrest, Streetsblog’s old man had a busy day:
    • He covered the confirmation that the DOT will build a plaza where a 3-month-old girl died last year.
    • And he wrote up a presser with Ydanis Rodriguez at a notorious Queens intersection.
  • The New Yorker magazine indulged in some anti-car wish fulfillment:

  • Love him or hate him (and Mets fans obviously hate him), it’s nice to see Bryce Harper on a bike (click on the picture to see the full magnitude of Harper’s thigh, which is its own taunt of Met fans):