Monday’s Headlines: All Presidents Have Their Day Edition

All presidents have their day.
All presidents have their day.

It’s Presidents Day (or is that Presidents’ Day? It’s definitely not President’s Day), so we’re taking the day off to reflect upon the fragile state of our democracy … and to do some paperwork that’s been on our desks for weeks.

We’ll be back on Tuesday, but until then, here are some news items you may have missed this weekend:

  • The humble G train is getting improvements. (NYDN)
  • The redesign of the Bronx bus network will be ready by June, amNY reports. The biggest change is the consolidation of hundreds of stops.
  • In case you missed it, Mayor Adams visited the 34th Avenue open street — something his predecessor never even did — and heard lots of people ask him to make good on his promise to turn the roadway into a linear park. (Streetsblog)
  • The Times did a first-day piece on Mayor Adams and Gov. Hochul’s announcement on Friday of a new strategy to help homeless people in the subway, which starts today. We’ll be providing our own coverage tomorrow.
  • Meanwhile, stabbings are a continuing problem underground. (amNY, Gothamist)
  • It’s really hard to find an OMNY card for sale in this city. (Gothamist)
  • The repo man is coming for yellow cab drivers. (The City)
  • Will the DOT be the agency in charge of open restaurants when the Council is done tinkering with the final rules for the program? (Village Sun)
  • Another pedestrian has been killed, making the very bloody start to this year even worse. (amNY)
  • Finally, it was nice to see Jokr get erase from the streetscape: