Wednesday’s Headlines: Second Officer Dies After Harlem Shooting Edition

Officers Wilbert Mora (left) and Jason Rivera. Photos: NYPD
Officers Wilbert Mora (left) and Jason Rivera. Photos: NYPD

The big story yesterday was the death of Officer Wilbert Mora, four days after his partner, Officer Jason Rivera, had died in the same shooting by man whose mother had called cops saying he had threatened her.

NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said the department’s grief is “incalculable.”

In other news:

  • The Times did a nifty little slide show on why the New York City subway system should have platform gates. Streetsblog’s Julianne Cuba took a much broader view of public space management underground.
  • The efforts of helicopter activists to free city skies of tech mogul taxis — occasionally covered by Streetsblog — made it to The New Yorker.
  • Houston, we have a problem. And it’s not only limited to Houston. (Reuters)
  • The Post rounded up a bunch of jerky cops to complain that Mayor Adams wants them to live in (and pay taxes in and support communities in and coach Little League in and go to churches in, etc.) the five boroughs like other municipal employees. “Not everyone wants to live in Brownsville,” said one of New York’s Finest. “I’d rather put my balls in a Vise-Grip.” Nice.
  • One of the worst MTA Board members in recent years, Cuomo pal Larry Schwartz, is finally leaving. (NY Post, amNY)
  • The Post has more details about Spence School teacher Shruti Udeshi, who was killed by a car driver on the Upper East Side on Monday.
  • Incoming Parks Committee Chairman Shekar Krishnan (D-Queens) sounded the alarm that he wants more parks, especially in communities of color like his own Jackson Heights (reminder: Krishnan signed the petition calling for the 34th Avenue open street to be made into a linear park. Hmmm…). (Gotham Gazette)