Friday’s Headlines: Happy New Year Edition

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It’s the last day of 2021, so we’re going to take today off and be back on Monday with lots of news to herald our city’s new era.

For now, we’re wishing you and yours a happy — and a healthy! — new year.

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Until then, here’s yesterday’s news:

  • The Post did its long takeout on what a supposedly lousy job Mayor de Blasio did, including recycling Hizzoner’s 2014 groundhog-killing photo op.
  • Meanwhile, de Blasio’s last real day in office was, um, weird. (amNY)
  • Curbed likes Ydanis Rodriguez’s first few steps before even becoming Transportation commissioner.
  • The Covid surge has cut more service on the subway. (NYDN, Gothamist)
  • Politico joined the rush to slam the door as Mayor de Blasio leaves, looking at the failure of Vision Zero to go big.
  • It’s time for Bike New York‘s annual winter cycling guide.
  • And because electric cars aren’t dangerous enough, Goodyear is making a tire to better allow the quiet machines creep up on us. (Jalopnik)
  • A Brooklyn nanny is still clinging to life 10 days after a truck driver ran her over in Park Slope. (NYDN)
  • We mentioned a particularly inept driver on Monday, but our friends at Williamsburg News offered a second case study of the effectiveness of the new Jersey barriers on Wythe Avenue, which are preventing bad drivers from killing cyclists. Some trolls on Twitter call the barriers “poorly designed,” but to us, the only thing that’s poorly designed is the manner in which some people get driver’s licenses:

  • Speaking of road deaths, Public Advocate Jumaane Williams is upset about them:

  • Hit-and-run SUV mayhem in The Bronx. (WABC)

See you next year.