Friday’s Headlines: Covid News is No News Edition

It's our December donation drive. Help us stay on these important stories. Click here or the icon above.
It’s our December donation drive. Help us stay on these important stories. Click here or the icon above.

It was a bit of a slow news day — possibly because everyone in the media either has the omicron variant or is working from home because someone else in the office has it. So let’s start by reminding you that there are only 15 full days left of the de Blasio administration — and 15 more days of our annual December Donation Drive!

We’re so grateful to the scores of people who’ve given already — your gift helps us keep covering important streetscape, neighborhood livability, public space and transit issues that, frankly, too few outlets are doing right now. (Here’s a summary of what we did this year alone.)

So let us thank yesterday’s donors with our daily honor roll: Thanks, Jon! Thanks, Johannes! Thanks, Isabella! Thanks, Lee! Thanks, Reed! Thanks, Cyrus! (Join this illustrious panel by clicking the yellow box above.)

Now, to the news:

  • Like us, the Daily News covered the indictment of the driver who allegedly killed Borkot Ullah in July. (Our story had more detail.)
  • Speeding Mercedes mayhem in The Bronx. (NYDN)
  • The state’s highest court signed off on the East Side Coastal Resiliency project. (NY Post)
  • The Port Authority police are much better at writing tickets to maskless riders than the MTA police. (amNY)
  • We have to apologize to our friends at Upper East Site, the neighborhood news site. We mentioned in our headlines on Wednesday that several outlets covered the death of delivery worker Salvador Navarette-Flores, but none did so with the same depth as our coverage. Well, in fairness, Upper East Site had team coverage that we simply missed. And it was good — starting from the crash-scene coverage, to the follow-up about illegal truck parking, to the coverage of the vigil. Who says local news is dead?
  • Believe us, we appreciate a good nap — but not when we’re on the job! Some Long Island Rail Road workers disagree. (NY Post)