Thursday’s Headlines: Summer Doldrums Edition

Yes, we know this is not New York. Photo: CDC
Yes, we know this is not New York. Photo: CDC

Seriously, very little happened yesterday (except the Health Commissioner driving to an event to which he could have easily taken the subway), so let’s get right to it:

  • Upper East Side Council Member Ben Kallos wants to crack down on illegal dirt bikes with an elaborate camera system, the Daily News reported, but someone should have asked how the cameras will help given that these illegal roadsters rarely have license plates (though they still wouldn’t be legal even if they did).
  • Congestion pricing would have been our first choice for Gov. Hochul to unfreeze all the stuff that Gov. Cuomo slow-walked, but legal pot is nice, too. (NY Post)
  • Lots of outlets covered the killing of 6-year-old Hiromi Tamy by a reckless driver in Dyker Heights (NY Post, NYDN), but Streetsblog’s coverage was the most comprehensive.
  • Our friends at Streetsblog USA are looking for America’ most toxic car ad. Help them out!
  • And, finally, this short video is basically New York City’s Wild West streets in a nutshell. Two cops riding mopeds the wrong way up Seventh Avenue endanger a bunch of pedestrians before one of them is knocked off his mini-motorcycle by a kid on a bike going the wrong way on W. 46th Street. This is must-see TV: