A Round and a Roundy: An Environmental Study About an Environmental Plan?

Cartoon: Bill Roundy
Cartoon: Bill Roundy

It’s almost as if they are making stuff up.

The MTA confirmed last week that it would indeed spend the next 16 months studying the environmental impact of a plan that would reduce traffic and car use in New York City. (Did Kafka get the CEO job?)

The mayor famously called the timeline “ridiculous,” but the MTA defended its “robust public outreach” on congestion pricing, which apparently will take into consideration the needs and grievances of every single driver in the New York metropolitan area.

Our national treasure cartoonist is having none of it. As always, he’s cut through the taurine excrement to deliver his latest shiv into the side of MTA officials. Sixteen months? Anyone with any knowledge of Charles Komanoff’s BTA could do the “environmental assessment” of a car-reducing and transit-boosting toll plan in 16 minutes!

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