George Hahn is the Bike-Riding Man About Town that You Need a Dose of Right Now!

Photo: Clarence Eckerson Jr.
Photo: Clarence Eckerson Jr.

Cars suck, we all know that.

But no one says it better than legendary, um, well, legend George Hahn.

The actor-influencer-dandy-gadfly-gadabout-hunk-trendsetter has been a Streetfilms staple for years now. But this week, Clarence Eckerson Jr. (aka the Orson Welles of the Street) caught Hahn in some impromptu rants about cars and car culture that were so good that we had to share:

Of course, Hahn’s argument misses one key point about cars — they don’t just suck for drivers. They suck for all of us who are sick of being stuck behind them on a bus, sick of having their lungs filled by their exhaust, infuriated by how many people are maimed or killed under cars, and infuriated at how cars gobble up all of the roadway space leaving only crumbs for cyclists and pedestrians.

To us, it’s not a case of, “Your driving is making your life miserable,” but “Your driving is:

  • Making it impossible for your neighbors to breathe.
  • Endangering kids.
  • Contributing to climate change.
  • A selfish land grab.
  • Slowing down everyone else’s commute.
  • Causes productivity-killing traffic.
  • Causes senior-killing traffic.
  • Ruining neighborhood livability.

Etc. Of course, that list is part of the ongoing fight. For now, just enjoy the long tall glass of water that is George Hahn.