Tuesday’s Headlines: The Unacceptable Acceptance of Basic Corruption Edition

Uncovering the crime.
Uncovering the crime.

It’s a kinda funny story.

As he often does, man about town Liam Quigley un-obscured a bent license plate on an MTA truck near the Barclays Center on Sunday. After performing this vital service, NY Post reporter David Meyer tweeted Quigley’s video at the MTA, which responded in particularly glaring tone-deaf fashion.

Why are MTA vehicles speeding through our neighborhoods?
Why are MTA vehicles speeding through our neighborhoods?


We tweeted at Minton for more information about why the MTA seems to be OK with workers who obscure their plates (and, if you watch the video above, also doctor the plates). And we were also concerned about who’s been driving this particular vehicle because, even with the defaced and illegible plate, the car still has four camera-issued school-zone speeding tickets on it, according to city data compiled by How’s My Driving (see photo, right).

But Minton didn’t tweet back. We hope he’ll fill us in when the MTA begins its crackdown on employees who flout the law in such a blatant fashion, though.

Meanwhile, in other news:

  • You might have heard that today is Election Day (and the candidates all made their “final” “push” (NY Times, amNY, Gothamist). If you need help, here are some links to all our insightful coverage:
  • The city is not likely to allow Revel, the moped company, to operate a fleet of electric taxicabs, citing a requirement that new e-cabs replace an existing pollution-emitting cab. Since Revel is new to the cab game, it has no old cars to replace. (NYDN)
  • Here’s more on the Uber/Lyft price increases — and how workers still get screwed. (The Guardian)
  • Cops finally arrested the man who was caught on camera running over a school bus driver in an impatient fit. (NY Post)
  • The Civilian Complaint Review Board says 39 cops should be disciplined for how the NYPD handled last year’s anti-police-brutality protests. (NY Post)
  • Advocates want all-door boarding on all buses, not just SBS. (amNY)
  • The Washington Examiner was forced, begrudgingly, to admit that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a point about America’s racist highway history.

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