Monday’s Headlines: Busman’s Holiday Edition

A busman's holiday for our old man editor. Photo: Perry Rianhard
A busman's holiday for our old man editor. Photo: Perry Rianhard

Our editor is stuck in Vermont helping his daughter come back from college (kids never plan, do they?), but he’s also having a bit of a busman’s holiday as he checks out some substandard bike infrastructure in Burlington. The picture above shows him biking along Route 7, just inches away from drivers moving at 50 miles per hour.

He’ll return tomorrow (if he survives the Green Mountain Murderstrip).

Until then, here’s the news roundup:

  • The Post really tried to find a negative angle on open restaurants, complaining that the program that basically saved the restaurant industry and brought life back to New York streets was too costly because 8,500 parking spaces were removed … from the three million or so in town. Come on, guys, that’s a good trade.
  • Um, well, unless you’re a driver in Queens, apparently. (NY Post)
  • Meanwhile, Shaun Donovan shared his transportation plan with Guse of the Newsuh. Streetsblog had a version of it earlier this year.
  • Fast Company followed our story last week about how much better New York streets could be if the city adopted Transportation Alternatives’ 25X25 plan.
  • Let’s have a ULURP for the Cuomo’s vanity Penn Station project. (amNY)
  • Police used their bikes as weapons again over the weekend. (Via Twitter)

  • The MTA is spending a few million dollars to hire private security guards for the subway. (WSJ)
  • Chuck Schumer loves open streets so much he breaks into song! (NY Post)
  • A man was killed by a hit-and-run driver in Brooklyn. (Gothamist)
  • Here’s what happens when you speed near the Newtown Creek. (Gothamist)
  • The New Jersey shore town of Deal is once again trying to keep out outsiders — and it’s done with restricted parking. Where is Emperor Justinian when you need him? (Associated Press)