Thursday’s Headlines: The Streets Week! Hits Keep Coming

The mayor wanted us to use three exclamation marks.
The mayor wanted us to use three exclamation marks.

We’re told we’ll have a busy day today with the latest “Streets Week!” announcements from the de Blasio administration, but, to be honest, most of the papers seem to have checked out. Of the major outlets, only Streetsblog and Gothamist covered Wednesday’s announcement about the so-called “Open Boulevard” program, which seemed like pretty small beer.

Meanwhile, our “Park Week” series has gotten as bloody as “Shark Week” thanks to the continued belligerence of a group of Jackson Heights residents who berate public officials in their quest to reduce the quality of life of their neighbors (our old man editor put it in his column today. Check it out here.)

In other news from a slow news day:

  • Speaking of “Park Week,” NBC4 did a balanced story about efforts to create a 24-7 linear park on 34th Avenue in Queens.
  • Cops say they arrested the speeding driver who beat up two men who had the temerity to slightly damage his car. (NYDN)
  • Thanks to Streetsblog asking multiple follow-up questions about the ridiculous idea, the Post managed to get a story out of Mayor de Blasio’s claim that it’s time to think about licensing bike riders. Even Curtis Sliwa thinks it’s dumb.
  • The Post also followed our story about two mayoral candidates who don’t know how expensive it is to live in Brooklyn.
  • Bushwick is the latest neighborhood to wake up and realize that it doesn’t have any open streets. (Bushwick Daily)
  • Cops say they collared the drunk, hit-and-run driver who killed a man near Waterside Plaza in Manhattan on Tuesday. (NYDN)
  • The best long read of the week is Curbed’s piece about the East Side Resiliency Project. Yes, there are some parts that will make your eyes glaze over, but it’s a solidly reported piece that explains a lot about this obscure, but crucial, project.
  • Larry Penner says there is federal money available to replace aged transit equipment. (Mass Transit)
  • From the assignment desk: There’s a mayoral debate tonight (previewed by Gothamist and NY Times). Our own Chris Robbins will be covering.