Monday’s Headlines: A Busy Weekend for News Edition

It was a busy weekend, so before we get to the other news, here’s a reminder that the first round of our NCAA-inspired March (Parking) Madness tournament has ended — and eight precincts are heading to their respective borough finals. Check out our recap story here.

And now the news:

  • The Daily News editorial board made the case, once again, for the federal government to approve congestion pricing already.
  • City and State convened an expert panel to explain the de Blasio administration’s proposed fund to help taxi drivers, but our man Charles Komanoff was clear to point out the flaws (as he had done for us previously). Meanwhile, Uber and Lyft aren’t the only app-taxi companies accused of mistreating workers — Via does, too, according to court papers. (NY Post)
  • The Wall Street Journal talked to the MTA’s Janno Lieber about a new Penn Station.
  • And in case you missed it last week, News 12 The Bronx had fun riding around on Superpedestrian’s Link scooters — part (hopefully not all of) the station’s coverage of the DOT’s scooter pilot program coming this spring to the Boogie Down.
  • Albany is high on transit funding. (amNY)
  • Subway ridership is recovering in a slow, methodical way not unlike a G train. (Gothamist)
  • It’s time to consider covering the Cross Bronx Expressway, says the Mott Haven Herald.
  • Hat tip to former Streetsblog USA editor Angie Schmitt for her piece on massive pickup trucks in Bloomberg.
  • Also in case you missed it, Jose Martinez of The City looked at how Gov. Cuomo’s “management” style has adversely affected transit (and the loss of Andy “Train Daddy” Byford is only part of it).
  • And, yes, we also missed this NY1 report by Dan Rivoli about where all the candidates stand on Mayor de Blasio’s white elephant BQX streetcar. (Hint: It’s mostly dead.)
  • And, finally, there’s no way Cuomo survives this scandal. And Andrew is in trouble, too. (NY Post)