Today’s Headlines: Super Monday Edition

How Mayor de Blasio wishes his Monday would be. Photo: Streetsblog composite
How Mayor de Blasio wishes his Monday would be. Photo: Streetsblog composite

Well, at least Mayor de Blasio is happy with the results of Super Bowl LV.

The aging, lame-duck mayor said before the Big Game that he wanted Tom Brady to lead the Buccaneers to victory because a win by the 85-year-old quarterback would “hold up the cause of guys who are a little bit older.”

We hope he’s happy now.

Meanwhile, here’s the real news from over the weekend that you might have missed:

  • Hey, MTA social media managers with your nice salaries, how about you don’t use Twitter from your Class A office space to complain about the homeless, OK? (NY Post). The Daily News, Gothamist and amNY had a follow-up.
  • Brooklyn Council candidate Lincoln Restler wants a carbon-neutral district (and he has a roadmap. Get it? A roadmap). (Gotham Gazette)
  • Like the Wall Street Journal, we at Streetsblog were also wondering if the appointment of intellectual property lawyer Hank Gutman to head DOT might mean movement on a plan to replace a crumbling portion of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, given that Gutman’s only qualification for getting the top transportation job was his brief service on a mayoral panel on the highway. But Paul Berger’s story didn’t add much to our speculation — and, indeed could be summarized by Gutman’s own anodyne statement, issued to the paper: “I will be working closely with our team to quickly get up to speed on the latest project developments and to begin work on a longer-term vision that centers on community-based collaboration and planning, along with our state and federal partners.” (You say you got a real solution? Well, you know, we’d all love to see the plan.)
  • The Times did a full takedown on Hudson Yards, which was a boondoggle when it was proposed more than a decade ago — and is now a ghost town thanks to COVID.
  • Gothamist offered more coverage of the MTA’s new Chief Accessibility Officer Quemuel Arroyo.
  • Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang is talking scaffolding in amNY — which reminds us, have you seen the “How to with John Wilson” episode on scaffolding (which, sorry, is far better)?
  • Larry Penner made a list of all the things new DOT Commissioner (and intellectual property lawyer) Hank Gutman needs to get to (Mass Transit). Your friendly former federal transit man is also exercised about delays in the delivery of new Staten Island Ferry boats (Shorefront News).