Thursday’s Headlines: So, Did Anything Important Happen Yesterday Edition

Work cut out. Biden on Day 1. Photo: White House
Work cut out. Biden on Day 1. Photo: White House

It was an historic day yesterday, but, face it, how much news about Joe Biden can you read? Besides, the only story you need is Ross Barkan’s piece in Gothamist about how New York is not asking what it can do for Biden, but what Biden can do for us. (See what we did there? That’s a JFK reference!)

Also, Mayor de Blasio was so excited to watch the inaugural proceedings that he started his morning press briefing on time and gushed about what a great day it was. (Patch)

Beyond that, here are today’s very limited headlines:

  • New president, same deadly streets: A pedestrian was fatally struck in the Flatlands section of Brooklyn early yesterday evening. (NYDN)
  • There was a potentially YUGE ruling involving how the NYPD releases crash information to the media (, but lawyer Steve Vaccaro told us to cool our jets! (Either way, kudos to the Jewish Press for bringing this important media case to the courts!)

  • The Daily News editorial board is very high on Gov. Cuomo’s edifice complex on the West Side.
  • It’s official — New York’s senior Senator (and recreational cyclist) Chuck Schumer is Senate Majority Leader. (amNY)
  • An artist transformed the 46th Street subway station in Queens into a tribute to Joe Biden. The same artist also turned Thompson Street in Soho into “Trumpgone St.” Now, that’s art! (Gothamist)