SEE IT: Celebrating the Liberation and Safety of the LPI

It's all legal: Notice the "walk" signal? That means cyclists can go ahead of cars — eliminating the possibility of a right hook. Photo: Clarence Eckerson Jr.
It's all legal: Notice the "walk" signal? That means cyclists can go ahead of cars — eliminating the possibility of a right hook. Photo: Clarence Eckerson Jr.

Happy anniversary, LPI!

Roughly one year ago, cyclists were given the right to use pedestrian signals (leading pedestrian intervals) to get a five- to 10-second head start on drivers. So why did it take Streetfilms nearly a year to talk to the two people most responsible for it?

Frankly, because not enough cyclists are taking advantage of the rule.

I can’t tell you how frequently I come upon an LPI intersection where cyclists are still waiting for the green light rather than going on the “walk” signal. So, given the cycling boom that’s occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, I felt it was a good time to re-promote this great law that makes it safer for bike riders by giving them a head start over drivers and turning vehicles.

Also, there are now more than 4,000 signals that give pedestrians and cyclists the head start.

So here’s my film, featuring Council Member Carlos Menchaca and “The War on Cars” co-host Doug Gordon, about what the law means and its journey to realization:

In NYC You Can Go By Bike on the Pedestrian Signal! from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.


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