Thursday’s Headlines: Pardoning Turkeys Edition

File photo: White House
File photo: White House

Gotham GazetteWe’re not going to have much to say today because we’re making that buttermilk-brined turkey that everyone is talking about (don’t bother clicking the link if you didn’t start brining yesterday!), but we wanted to wish all our readers a great holiday (despite its questionable origins).

Here’s the news if you have some time while the sweet potatoes are cooking:

  • Other outlets covered the Midwood senior who was run down and killed by a driver making an illegal U-turn (NYDN, amNY). The Post used the crash to remind people that this year has been bloodier than last year.
  • The Wall Street Journal took a very Manhattan-centric look at traffic, which is, indeed, down in the central business district, but up elsewhere, which is why people are dying.
  • A possibly drunk driver “lost control” of his car — which is the mainstream media’s way of saying that the car did the bad thing and it really wasn’t the driver’s fault — and slammed into a Greenwich Village restaurant. Fortunately, no one was hurt. (NY Post)
  • The Atlantic ran an article about the ultimate venture capital unicorn: carbon capture. City Atlas did the requisite takedown on Twitter.
  • Block that metaphor! Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams had another unfortunate word choice, defending his close ties to the real estate industry because it is to New York what “oil is to Texas.” Apparently he didn’t mean it in the sense of “something we need to break our addiction to”! (Gotham Gazette)
  • And, finally, our editor wrote a song about Council Member Joe Borelli’s crowded Thanksgiving (spoiler alert: it’s a parody).