Friday’s Headlines: Politicians Will Always Break Your Heart Edition

Never underestimate the power that politicians have to betray you — then stomp on your still-beating heart right in front of you.

Today’s example: Progressive icon Alexandria Ocasio Cortez — just two years from defeating a lazy, old school Queens congressman who had the audacity to film his campaign ad from the back seat of a chauffeured limo — has herself bought a car and, wait for it, is already driving recklessly.

Chef’s kiss to Vanity Fair for this exclusive:

Now, we know our old man editor has no kickstand to stand on given how his personal tirades against newbie car buyers blew up in his face earlier this year, but we would be remiss if we didn’t reiterate what we say in these situations: If you support the Green New Deal, it is hypocritical to go out and buy a car (especially in a transit-rich city like New York). So now you can add AOC to our old man editor’s list of politicians who have let him down (he keeps it on an old looseleaf page in the office), a list that includes Sen. Chuck Schumer (a cyclist whose wife led the fight against the Prospect Park West bike lane), Rep. Mike McMahon (for voting against Obamacare in an ultimately failed bid to save his Staten Island seat), and Rep. Anthony Weiner (for the obvious reason, but also for not being nearly as good a goalie as he thinks he is).

In the same Vanity Fair interview, AOC says she walks to her job on Capitol Hill. So why does she need a car in New York City? The magazine didn’t ask her. Our Deputy Editor Eve Kessler tried to at a public forum last night, but didn’t get that question in. We also wanted to ask her why she has said nothing about how her Bronx constituents who ride bikes are disproportionately being maimed and killed because there’s precious little protected infrastructure in the Boogie Down, but AOC only took three questions in her press gaggle. Next time!

In other news:

  • Another pedestrian was killed in The Bronx on Thursday (NY Post). And a pedestrian was seriously injured on the Rock (SI Advance).
  • Street vendors marched to City Hall to protest an arbitrary cap that prevents people from making a basic living. (amNY)
  • The Post had more information about yesterday’s fatal crash on Astoria Boulevard in Queens.
  • What’s up with the city’s Clear Curbs initiative, trucking industry bigs want to know. (NYDN)
  • The DOT finally admitted what we’ve known for a long time: The open street on overly wide West End Avenue has been scrubbed. (DOT via Twitter)
  • The yellow cab industry is hurting even more than it was hurting when Brian Rosenthal started breaking stories left and right (NY Times). And Scott Stringer is backing a bailout (amNY).
  • Not every Republican on Staten Island is a COVID-denying crazy person. Borough President Jimmy Oddo told Council Member (and friend) Joe Borelli that he shouldn’t have mocked new health guidelines barring big indoor gatherings. “My North Star is science,” Oddo said. (NY Post)
  • The Tribeca Citizen is excited about two-way tolling on the Verrazzano Bridge … and offered Streetsblog a hat tip. Also, check out Charles Komanoff’s comment.
  • And finally, if you haven’t watched British comedian Tom Walker’s assessment of the end of the Trump presidency, you must, you must: