Thursday’s Headlines: Cuomo’s Mini-Pause Edition

File photo: Kevin Coughlin / Governor's Office
File photo: Kevin Coughlin / Governor's Office

The big news from yesterday’s slowest news day in weeks was Gov. Cuomo’s mini-pause: Bars, restaurants and must now close at 10 p.m. — and no one can have even a private gathering larger than 10 people (which makes it easy to cut out your awful Uncle Steve from your Thanksgiving party. (NYDN, NY Post, WSJ, Gothamist)

The governor’s new rules, which go into effect on Friday, don’t fully kneecap the city’s open restaurant plan, because those eateries currently have to close by 11 p.m. anyway. But it hurts to face facts: We’re going backwards. The coronavirus apparently didn’t get the memo that Biden had won.

Council Member Joe Borelli certainly did — except the Staten Island Republican was on the losing side in that one. So he decided to jettison his own “law and order” position in favor of a bizarre, socially irresponsible form of civil disobedience, which was covered by the Post and immediately mocked by Doug Gordon (well, and Streetsblog, too!):

  • President Trump’s “anarchist jurisdiction” ruling against New York cost the MTA $10 million. (NYDN)
  • Hat tip to volunteer organizer Paul Krikler, who has finally convinced the DOT to replace the “cheese grater” bike path on the Roosevelt Island Bridge, a frustration for cyclists for years. (Roosevelt Islander)
  • Road rage leads to shooting. (NYDN)
  • Staten Island supported President Trump by a large majority. And now it’s a coronavirus hotspot. Do the math. (NY Times)
  • The New York Post wrote insensitively about an Amish teen who was run over and killed by a driver in upstate New York. It’s obvious the driver is to blame, or at least worthy of some serious scrutiny, but not to the Post.
  • amNY followed our story about Polly Trottenberg’s advisory role in the Biden-Harris transition team.
  • Wall Street doesn’t think the bike boom will outlast the pandemic. Bike-related stocks were down after Pfizer announced that a COVID-19 vaccine could be available soon. (Bicycle Retailer)
  • Brompton is teaming up with TA on a “Campaign for Movement.” (OutsidePR)
  • Hey, home chefs, we’re just putting this on the radar screen here, but San Francisco is banning gas stoves in all new apartments. (Bloomberg)