Friday’s Headlines: Gloom and Gloom Edition

Good morning!
Good morning!

It’s going to be Day 2 of Le Deluge, at least until the afternoon, so get cozy, grab a bialy and enjoy today’s headlines. Also, check back to our homepage every so often today, because when news breaks, we, um, we fix it! (Yeah, that’s right.)

  • Tabloid gold: A fight over car storage led to a shooting … and then the deployment of the NYPD’s Robo-Dog! (NY Post)
  • Is this the only good retail news during the pandemic? Neir’s Tavern won’t close after all! (NYDN)
  • You can now reach the entirely underrated MTA social media team via WhatsApp now (though how this will help the F train remains to be seen). (NY Post)
  • This is pretty much every New Yorker’s nightmare: A gaping hole and a 10-foot plunge into a rat-infested pit. (And no, we’re not talking about the Steve Cohen Mets deal) (NY Times)
  • Jersey commuters know who to blame: Chris Christie! (
  • We were the only outlet to cover the promotion of NYPD Community Affairs Bureau number two Kim Royster to lead the agency’s Transportation Bureau, so if you missed our story, check it out here.
  • Bronx pedestrians are sick of being discriminated against. (Bronx Times)
  • Staten Island’s predictable electoral pattern seems to be playing out: Residents of the Rock usually pick a Republican to represent them in Congress — but after a few terms, they regret the decision amid scandals such as having a secret other family in D.C. or threatening to break a NY1 reporter “like a little boy,” and turn to a Democrat — to whom they give all of one term. It happened to Democrat Mike McMahon and it may happen to Max Rose. (The City)
  • The state trooper who was dating one of Gov. Cuomo’s daughters now has to drive hundreds of miles to do so after he was transferred to a post near the Canadian border. Cuomo’s people say the trooper requested the banishment transfer. Really? Because he likes driving 160 miles to pick up his girlfriend? (NY Post)
  • And, finally, some good news about the upcoming civil war: At least Walmart has stopped displaying guns. (NYDN)