Thursday’s Headlines: All Hallow’s Edition

The mayor devoted a significant portion of his Wednesday press conference to talking about Halloween and the delightful memories it brings back for him as a Brooklyn parent.

It was sweet and all, but he missed a great opportunity to urge all neighborhoods with really good open streets — looking at you, 34th Avenue, Willoughby Avenue, Berry Street — to turn those roadways into open-air trick-or-treating venues for the neighborhood kids.

There’s already talk that Jackson Heights parents will line the sidewalks next week (with bowls of candy!) as kids promenade with their costumes and sweet-filled bags.

Mayor, put on your best costume (pajamas, perhaps) and join them!

In other news:

  • Newsday made an early bid for a Pulitzer with a deep investigation on racial bias in traffic stops in Suffolk County – a tribute to great local journalism and poor policing.
  • Gothamist got a second day out of fears of NYPD bias if there is post-election violence — and also added in the overtime angle!
  • A Queens pedestrian was killed in what continues to be a very bloody year (NYDN). Also, there was coverage of the Manhattan pedestrian who died after being hit by a Revel moped rider last month (NYDN, NY Post, Streetsblog, WSJ).
  • The Citi Bike van driver who injured a woman in Brooklyn the other day was charged with failure to yield, a rarity. (NYDN)
  • Our friends at Bloomberg/City Lab did a long read on what outdoor dining should look like when it gets really cold — and highly polluting heat lamps are not the only solution. Also mentioned: How the streets can be repurposed for retail, too.
  • Cargo bikes! Cargo bikes are the only way to save our cities! (Shift)
  • The Times got on the new subway map story, finally. And the Paper of Record also finally got on the Amtrak story, too.

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