Thursday’s Headlines: Answering Your Questions Edition

We got a little bogged down in the vice presidential debate last night (you know us!), so we’ll get straight to the news. Hopefully, we’ll answer all your questions (unlike Vice President Pence, who treated Susan Page’s queries like the NYPD press office treats ours):

  • The Times’s excellent Christina Goldbaum broke a nice story: The cycling gender gap may finally be closing!
  • Clayton Guse of the Daily Newsuh followed our own Julianne Cuba’s exclusive about the $75,000 payout the city made to a cyclist injured on the Brooklyn Bridge. (Next time, Guse, try to mention Streetsblog — we all gotta eat!)
  • David Meyer of the Post was good enough to hat-tip Streetsblog for Cuba’s other exclusive yesterday — that Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez declined to press charges against the driver who killed 10-year-old Enzo Farachio last year.
  • A cop was arrested in a road rage incident. (NYDN)
  • Read all about the mayor’s plan to rezone Soho to make it more affordable. (Gothamist)
  • The threat of mask fines is working. (NY Post)
  • It seems the NYPD has lost control of mobs of pro-virus, anti-mask vigilantes in Boro Park for two nights in a row, as Jacob Kornbluh reported on Twitter. (Don’t expect NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea to take reporters’ questions about it — he hasn’t attended a mayoral press call since June 2.)
  • Park Slopers got all NIMBY when a school wanted to ban cars on a street so students could learn safely. What is wrong with some people? (NY Post)
  • What’s this? Larry Penner praising the MTA for doing something right? (Mass Transit)
  • And, finally, this pretty much means the election is over, right? (NYDN) Oops, we guesss not! (NYDN)

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